Don’t be a Crappy Father

For one reason or another, you’ve found your way to this site. That tells me something. Generally, people who don’t care either aren’t searching for it or aren’t willing to spend a few minutes reading about it.

One thing that I can promise you, I won’t sugar coat things. I’ll do my best to be realistic and provide a level of grace, but too often dads are taking the easy way out. They check out with their kids, they leave it all up to mom, or they just flat out don’t care. If you’re honest with yourself, you know you’ve probably been a crappy father this week. Maybe today. We all have our crappy moments.

It’s important to recognize that. You’re not going to get a participation trophy. Every day, every moment is game time. It’s up to you as to whether or not you want to show up for your kid(s) as much as possible or if you’re just doing what it takes to get by before they go down for bed and you get some time to yourself. You can do that, but you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity to make the most important impact of your life.

So, my encouragement for you today, is to be present. Put the phone away (as in leave it at the door), don’t zone out, and don’t miss the opportunity to pour yourself into your kids. They desperately crave that. They want to be noticed by you and they can tell when you’re engaged. Don’t let them feel marginalized.

You can be better. You can do better. Dig deep and give your kid(s) all that you’ve got.

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