Raising Solomon

A source of strength, challenge, learning, and support to equip fathers to confidently raise strong sons.

3 Pillars of Fatherhood


What we believe as fathers shapes what we’re capable of and how far we’re willing to stretch ourselves to achieve our goals.


Action is where the dance of life happens. Thoughts and beliefs are fine, but ultimately our sons model how they saw us act. Our actions prove our convictions.


A solid core is required to maintain and shape thoughts and compel action.

Foundational Truths
  • Every father CAN be a great father
  • Fatherhood is a conscious act and not a namesake
  • Being a fantastic father is quite possibly the single most reward, important thing a man can do
Model Excellence

“Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.”

Charles Kettering

About Me

I am called to equip myself to be the best possible father to my son so that I can be a resource to help other fathers intentionally raise their sons.

More About Me

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Twitter: @raisingsolomon

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